Thunderbirds are go!

Name: Thunderbirds Are Go [Studio ]
Artist: Busted
Album: A Ticket For Everyone [Live]
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Thunderbirds are go!

Name: Year 3000
Artist: Busted
Album: Busted
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That awkward moment when Busted doesn’t have a 7th album.

shayofc replied to your post:.
Me too! I had my step dad get me the movie just for them. I was in love with Danny Jones. xD

I was always more of a Dougie and Harry girl. Especially Dougie because he liked the same things as I did and he was a Hilary Duff fangirl like me. And now I’m watching their Royal Albert Hall concert on youtube and all my teenage fangirl feelings… My god!

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Name: Too Close For Comfort
Artist: McFly
Album: Just My Luck
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You told me you loved me

But now that I find that you’ve changed your mind I’m lost for words

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Funny, strawberry is my favorite.

Hey now, how do I get to be picked for this show then?


Oh is it?

Well… that depends


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No, but if you were ice cream what flavor would you be? haha

No, no. I want to see the real thing!


Strawberry and chocolate.

Pft sorry. Private shows only for selected audiences


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